Marketing strategies with the help of referrals

I am going to reveal today some strategies about how it is possible for you to use the traditional offline marketing technique of referrals.

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Referrals, particularly in the current economic climate where competition is fierce and businesses are falling by the wayside every week, are a crucial part of staying one step ahead of your competition.

The main benefits of referrals are that first of all, they are a very cheap (in many cases free) means of acquiring new clients to add to your business, but perhaps more importantly, there is the credibility factor to consider.

If the referral is coming from a business owner to another business owner, this can be hugely significant. Even if the referral is coming from a friend of the business owner, it still carries a lot of credibility and can help your cause no end.

So now you may be wondering how you can actually get referrals for your business. Referrals are mostly available from three sources; existing clients, your networking, associates and (as I've already mentioned) people that you know on a social basis like your family and friends.

As far as family and friends are concerned, you simply need to talk about the business that you have (if they are not already aware of it) and ask them if they know of any other businesses which may be interested in your services.

If they do, would they be able to mention your services to this business? You can also offer an ethical incentive for friends and family, such as a 50 gift for each converted referral.

You will often find that amongst all your family and friends, that most will know a business owner and of course that business owner will then in turn know several more business owners and so it goes on.

Provide optimum customer service

However in case of existing customers, you should use a slightly different approach. You have to aim at providing optimal service (as you want to any way) and if they're happy (which they should be) they may refer your product or services to their acquaintances.

Or, you could always ask them. Based upon their experiences, you could say to a happy customer Well Mr. Business Owner, I would be more than happy to give the same quality service to other businesses in the area, could you please recommend any that you know/deal with?

A referral from a fellow business owner, particularly one who is singing your praises, is hugely valuable in terms of your credibility.

Similarly, if you visit social networking sites (Linked In and Facebook to name a couple) on a regular basis, keep a lookout for business professionals and people who will benefit from your product and services. Tell them about your business and what you can offer, and they will not hesitate from referring you to others and even to use your services themselves.

Incentives to mention your services

A great strategy that you can use to get referrals is to offer some type of an incentive. These incentives may range from a referral fee for successful conversions to a small free gift or service depending on the circumstances and the type of referral.

In terms of gifts, you often don't need to send anything expensive, even a gift card or free sample of your products is more than enough. Just the thought that you remember them will make it obligatory for them to refer your product or services to someone they know.

So remember to strive to always offer high levels of customer service as this leads to happy customers which can eventually lead to a goldmine of referrals. It is such a powerful strategy with proven success that I encourage you to go out there today with the aim of getting referrals for your business.

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