Husband-and-wife translation team finished new translation from Russian to English of Doctor Zhivago

This fall has seen a new translation from Russian to English of Boris Pasternaks Doctor Zhivago. The art of translation has a lot to do with give and take between two languages, and in this case, two translators.

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Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky are a husband-and-wife translating team who have been working together since their 1990 edition of Dostoyevskys The Brothers Karamazov. Theyve gone on to translate works by Gogol, Chekhov and Tolstoy. Pevear and Volokhonskys new English translation of Boris Pasternaks Doctor Zhivago is only the second English version of the book ever published. The first English edition was produced under much political distress, in a hurried three months in 1958.

Since their first translation together, Pevear and Volokhonskys process has remained the same: Volokhonsky, a native Russian speaker, produces a word-by-word, phrase-by-phrase translation of the work into English. Pevear, a native English speaker, then works with Volokhonskys translation, paying careful attention to the peculiarities of English nuance and style.

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