An a week since Chrysler filed for bankruptcy...

It's been a little more than a week since Chrysler filed for bankruptcy and simultaneously announced a partnership with Italian automaker Fiat. As the bankruptcy progresses, more and more details of the deal between Chrysler and Fiat have emerged.

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Inside Line posted a list of Fiat vehicles that are in the pipeline for U.S. sale, either as Fiat-badged, Alfa Romeo-badged or rebadged as Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep products. Among the emerging details is that Chrysler will have access to Fiat's 3.0-liter diesel V-6 and it's 1.4-liter fuel-sipping gas burner. The specific models that may be coming our way are also mentioned. It's interesting, but since most Yanks haven't seen a Fiat since the dark days of the mid-70s "fix-it-again-Tony" Fiat 124, a brief explainer on on what these Fiat models are, and where they might end up, seems appropriate.

Fiat 500

What It Is : The 500 is to Fiat what the Cooper is to Mini. A throwback to the 60s, the new Fiat 500 is a thoroughly modern vehicle with styling heavily based on the classic Fiat 500. The original Fiat 500 was cheap to own and operate, and the new one is, well, relatively inexpensive. It's also a colossal hit in Europe, has won many awards, and is reportedly a blast to drive.

Where It Fits : The Fiat 500 could very well just stay a Fiat and do well in the U.S. It looks nifty, is practical in the same way that the Mini is practical, and even comes in a sporty edition called the Abarth. However, it's basic underpinnings could also spawn a Dodge-only version to sell in the subcompact arena against the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and similar vehicles.

Fiat Grande Punto

What It Is : The Grande Punto is one of Fiat's most successful lines, and the Punto is as ubiquitous on European roads as pretty much any other inexpensive hatchback you'd care to mention. Designed for fuel efficiency, comfort and style, the Grande Punto would be a great addition to U.S. roads.

Where It Fits : While Fiat may want to sell the Grande Punto under it's own banner, let us all hope that something based on the same plastform finally kills off the gawd-awful Dodge Caliber. It's roughly the same size, performs the same mission, but looks like something you'd actually want to be seen in. If it also winds up killing the abysmal Jeep Compass, the only car in the world that makes the Caliber look good, then all the better.

Fiat Panda

What It Is : The Fiat Panda is a useful tall wagon that, as the Panda Cross, is also a capable off-road machine. The Panda has been around for years, but it's popularity has grown in response to the overall popularity of the crossover and SUV segments.

Where It Fits : C'mon, do you really need it spelled out for you? Heck, the memo even called it the "Jeep Panda." Clearly, this slots in where the current Jeep Patriot fits: A crossover with real off-road capability and a heritage that even Jeep purists could probably swallow. Whether it's also sold as a Fiat is inconsequential: Jeep needs this car.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

What It Is : The return of Alfa Romeo a subsidiary of Fiat to the U.S. market is reason for enthusiasts to celebrate. First, the Alfa Romeo 8C is, quite possibly, the most beautiful car ever produced. Even better, it's sensual curves have trickled down into the rest of the Alfa Romeo lineup, including the company's smallest car, the MiTo. OK, it's hard to get supercar styling to really work on a compact, but the MiTo is still a neat looking little car.

Where It Fits : The MiTo will almost certainly be sold solely as an Alfa Romeo product, but the basic underpinnings are also shared among a number of other cars, including the Fiat Grande Punto. Not only is the MiTo a cool alternative to Golfs and Minis, it's potentially a jumping-off point for other Dodge or Chrysler products. Interesting side note: The MiTo and Grande Punto are both based off a platform developed in the mid-00's with none other than General Motors. So Chrysler could wind up with a GM platform in it's lineup, courtesy of Fiat. Small world, huh?

Fiat C-Evo Platform

What It Is : the C-Evo is currently under development at Fiat and could fill a critical need in the manufacturer's portfolio: A competent small- to mid-size sedan. One possible version is the upcoming Alfa Romeo Milano 940, which has not debuted but has been photographed multiple times by spy photographers.

Where It Fits : This platform, in a stretched and pulled version, would likely underpin the replacement for the current Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring. We've had a preview of what the next Sebring could look like as the Chrysler 200C concept car, and it's a distinct improvement. With this platform as it's underpinnings, it could even be a winner.

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