A Maze Runner Film Review

The movie starts with the main character, Thomas (Dylan OBrien), screaming and throwing up, leaving the audience as confused as Thomas. The movie allows the viewers to experience Thomas's adventure in the Maze in a first person perspective.

Viewers quickly learn that Thomas has unanswerable questions. As soon as he is thrown into the Glade, the location he is to stay in, he starts to question the secrecy of the surrounding Maze.

The Gladers, residents of the Glade, have established rules. The most important rule is that only Runners are allowed to enter the Maze. Runner is the name given to the strongest Gladers who run the Maze and map it in order to find a way out.

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As in all movies, the main character must break the rules in order to become a hero. Thomas runs into the Maze without permission and despite breaking the rules, he is appointed as Runner. soon after he spent three days in the Maze and found a way out, leading the others to freedom.

When exiting the Maze, Thomas discovers a connection between the Maze and his previous life before arriving.

Now that would have been ideal for all those who enjoy happy endings but that's definitely not the end of Thomas' s story.

Overall, the quality of acting was very strong and the animation was stunning. Dylan OBrien, previously seen in the popular television show Teen Wolf, did a great job at conveying raw emotion.

The audience is taken up and down the massive Maze walls a few times throughout the film, and the animation is breathtaking. As Thomas and the Gladers run for their lives avoiding vicious monsters called Grievers, viewers are taken through the impressive scenery and vines that make up the Maze.

It is mentioned in the film that every night, the Maze shifts, making it difficult to map. During the few scenes that we're filmed at night, the Gladers can hear the Maze shifting. The shifting sound was a good touch, especially for those fans who read the book, since details mostly get cut out.

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