10 Animals That Mate for Life

While many people think that humans are the only species that are capable of taking on a lifelong partner, this is simply not true. In fact, there are many animal species that maintain lifelong bonds. Although the list of these species is quite lengthy, listed below are 10 of the most noteworthy.


The alpha male wolf most always has his alpha female by his side and they share equal dominance in their pack. This is especially true during mating season and after the pups are born.


You have probably seen pictures of two beautiful swans with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart. This heartwarming picture comes from the fact that swans form strong bonds with their partners that can last for a lifetime.

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Not only are beavers loyal to their lifetime mates, but they are also dedicated to caring for their young. Both male and female beavers take part in caring for and raising their kits.

Bald Eagles

You may already know that the bald eagle is the United States national symbol. However, what you may not know is that they return to the same place every breeding season to mate with their lifetime partners.

Prairie Voles

Prairie voles are perhaps the most dedicated monogamous animals in the world. These tiny creatures not only mate for life and help each other raise their young, but they spend all of their free time together as well.

Barn Owls

While it may take a barn owl some time before it finds a mate, once it does, it does not leave it's mate until death. In fact, male owls never mate with any other female other than their chosen mate.


Most penguins are known to be serially monogamous. This means that they choose a mate each breeding season and stick with that one mate all throughout mating and the raising of their offspring. However, it has been known for some penguins to choose the same mate several seasons in a row or even for life.


For some time, it was thought that gibbons we're completely monogamous. However, this is only partially true. Gibbons will maintain a lifetime partner socially but when it comes to breeding season, they will mate with others.

French Angelfish

French angelfish are some of the most romantic species in the animal kingdom. Not only do these fish mate until death, but they spend all of their other time swimming and playing together as well.


While male albatrosses are young, they woo several females until they find a partner. While they are known to fly long distances over the ocean, they always return to the same place to breed with their lifetime mate.

These are just the 10 most noteworthy animal species that mate for life. There are many more animals that choose one partner to spend their lives with. While some of them only spend their time together during mating season, others spend all of their free time together as well.

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