Let's Get Flexible, Flexible

I'm a planner by nature.An organizer. I like knowing what to expect for tomorrow, next week, next year. I've always known that life can't be planned like that, but Cambodia sure is a great place to learn that lesson in a very practical way!

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Take the first two weeks of this quarter. Within ten teaching days, we had the following unexpected things come up:

  • Two days there was a big rainstorm (when students are travelling on bicycles and motorcycles, rain means they don't come)
  • A wedding next door to the school (we couldn't hear ourselves think because of the music, let alone teach!)
  • A government holiday that I didn't know about (we had to cancel class according to the law)
  • One day, 70% of our teachers we're held up while renewing their Cambodian visas at the Thai border (which meant they missed the first hour of classes!)

Talk about a lesson in flexibility! Thankfully, the past two years have helped me to see things in perspective and realize how all of these things are out of my control. Although I don't love when the power goes out while I'm in the middle of cooking dinner, or the only shop in town that has Western products is unexpectedly closed for three days, I am learning to be okay.When the water or internet is off for a few weeks, we learn to haul water from the outside tap, or to use internet at a cafe.

Even in the more important parts of life, this is a lesson I have been learning. As some of you might know, three years ago we got into YWAM with the intention of moving to Romania after our training. As those plans fell through, I felt like the floor had dropped out from under us. What we had been working toward for so long had vanished, and the future was a formless abyss of the unknown.

Asia had been the one place I told God I never was interested in going, so it's humorous that this is where we have called home for the past two years. My plan was to work in children's ministry, but Cambodia is where I've learned how much I love high school and university students. Jonathan wanted to work in community development, and here he has discovered a passion for media and graphic design. I am amazed at the way Gods plans we're so drastically different from ours, and how much we have learned and experienced because of it.

As far as the inconvenient things that change our plans every day in Cambodia, I'm learning from those, too. I'm learning that, when our plans change, often there are unexpected opportunities that result. These may be opportunities to slow down and spend time with someone who we may not have noticed otherwise. Or, it may be a chance to grow in patience, perseverance, compassion, and thankfulness.Although it's not easy in the process, I am really grateful that God has been working and teaching me along the way! And slowly, I'm learning

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