Main Characteristics of the Atkins Diet

One of the characteristics is that it's based on the theory that you have to reduce your carbohydrate intake in order to lose weight. It gives you the tools to accomplish this in the form of phases.

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Phase 1 requires you to severely limit your carbohydrate intake to about 20 net carbs per day. Another unique characteristic of the Atkins Diet is that it tells you what a net carb is and gives you a net carb counter. A net carb is the grams of carbohydrates minus the grams of fiber in a single serving.

Phase 2 and 3 adds the rest of the carbs you are allowed back into your diet.

Another characteristic of the Atkins Diet is that it teaches you about nutrition. They do this by teaching you to read food labels and showing you the difference between good and bad carbs.

We all know that too many calories cause you to gain weight, but Atkins teaches you that too few calories slow down your metabolism. They give you a calorie range. Women should shoot for 1500 1800 calories per day.

Men should go for 1800 2000 calories per day. These ranges can vary depending on your size, gender, age, and metabolism.

My favorite characteristic is they want you to eat three regular sized meals and two snacks every day. A snack is a good word on the Atkins Diet and they show you how to choose wisely. They have delicious bars and shakes that can be enjoyed from day one.

They even show you how to choose wisely when eating out. Unlike other diet plans, Atkins does not require you to buy expensive pre-made meals. Instead, they give you lists of acceptable foods and you shop and cook your own meals. Another characteristic that I like is the recipes that are on their website. They have a meal plan and recipes that you can copy and take to the store.

Activity is another recommendation of the Atkins Diet. Get out and go for a walk, play with your kids, or do some gardening for exercise. It will help speed up your weight loss. Involve your family and friends and let them give you encouragement.

A characteristic of the Atkins Diet that some other diets lack is the attention to your health. Atkins wants you to visit your healthcare provider for a checkup before you start the diet.

They also recommend a follow-up when you reach your goal weight. They say you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and take vitamin supplements. Make sure they include potassium, magnesium, and calcium, but no iron.

Get your omega 3s and 6s every day and a fiber supplement if necessary. As you can see, the Atkins Diet has many great characteristics. The science behind it seems to be valid and their website is very user friendly. All of the tools and information that you need, you can readily access. When contacted with a question, they respond promptly.

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