"Nutrition: Significant Factor in HumanDevelopment"

In this century, the world is also facing another, relatively new form of malnutrition. The overweight and obesity level in young children is rising at an alarming rate in young children, causing more damage to our future. The child still does not have the proper nutrients, but intake food related to chronic diseases such as health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

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Nutrition/Malnutrition in Haiti

Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean who speaks Creole and French with a total area of approximately 27 750 km2. . It is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. In 2001, 55% of the population lived in households that we're below the extreme poverty line of US $1 per person per day. In 2007, 47% of the population lacked access to basic health care (Haiti, n.d.); the majority of the population seeks the attention of traditional healers. In 2009, 45 percent of the population lacked access to safe water and 83% of the total population of Haiti did not have access to adequate sanitation.

  • Malnutrition is a critical problem in Haiti and even more after the earthquake in the year 2010 with the displacement of more than 1 million people. The earthquake has made even a more urgent need for a national response.
  • The combination of malnutrition and infectious diseases is particularly dangerous. Malnutrition can affect the immune system in children, leading to other illnesses such as diarrhea, measles, and tuberculosis.
  • Civil strife, which has recently suffered Haiti, also cause disorders in the food system and can lead to widespread famine.
  • In all the provinces of Haiti, there is a serious problem of nutrition, especially for children under five years of age. Malnutrition is related to a high level of infant mortality and is linked to cognitive development challenges.
  • According to the Public health risk assessment and interventions Earthquake the high malnutrition among under-five children is an area of great concern due to the increment for the past five years: national prevalence of acute malnutrition was 4.5% in 2000 (DHS 2000) and 9.1% in 2005 (DHS 2005) Haiti, (n.d.). During the period 2000-2007, 41 percent of children fewer than six months of age we're fed exclusively with breast milk.
  • Approximately 40% of households experiencing food insecurity, with a deficiency of nutrients and low weight birth. Babies should usually start breastfeeding within one hour of birth and continue exclusive breastfeeding (no food or liquid that is not breast milk, not even water) up to 6 months of age.
  • It is important to create and maintain the environment that encourages breastfeeding until children reach two years of age to reduce vulnerability to infections and diarrhea.

Hope for the Future Generations

  • The International Child Care organization provides immunizations and contributes to combating against common childhood diseases. ICC also distributes vitamin A to remove the danger of extension and severity of these.
  • ICC also provides pre and postnatal women as chronically undernourished women tend to have low birth weight babies which perpetuate the cycle of malnutrition into the next generation.
  • Haiti production of Nourimanba, PIH's highly nutritious, peanut-based therapeutic food to treat severe childhood malnutrition. Also produces non-medicinal products, such as peanut butter. Nourimanba is now being distributed to children en PIH's clinics throughout the region. The new plant will produce enough Nourimanba benefit the lives of thousands of Haiti's children for more than seven years.

These researchers impact my work as a childhood professional. A childhood educator has the responsibility to provide children with the balanced healthy food. Have a stable environment for active and quiet play as well as to educate parents to have healthy nutrition habits at home, follow proper immunization and practice physical activities with their children. In my future work as a mentor I will like to influence in positive way in teachers, students and families behaviors towards childrens nutrition. I have the sense of responsibility to continue studying towards proper intervention. Our commitment as professionals is to bring awareness to the community as an active advocate for childrens right to grow up healthy and strong. In addition, collaborate with colleagues in working together as a whole to create a better place for our children, their developmental learning and to social changes in our community.

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