World of Warcraft

Some people said ten dollars for a horse was outlandish. How about World of Warcraft charging you 25 dollars?

Yep, Blizzard is selling the Celestial Steed in it's store for $25US. I'm not one to try to distinguish experience from content, or fluff from usefulness. I'm here to say I have a bit of a problem with this because it is stretching the bounds to say the least of what constitutes a micro-transaction.

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I don't know if Blizzard ever officially used that term, but I think it has come to be expected in the current industry and world of MMO payment options. I get the Common Sense Gamer's sense of foreboding (see what I did there?), but not for the reasons he stated. One man's fluff is another man's experience. A horse to me may be worth a lot more to a horse to you. But any micro-transaction, regardless of what it is your buying, should actually be micro.

It's a simple matter of too much inflation, and too fast. I don't care if it is an account-wide mount. It's still pricey. Maybe I never stated this before but when I paid 15 dollars (yes, on the international site the conversion rate came out to $15US) for my Runes of Magic mount, I weighed the odds. Ten dollars seems fine, and I justified it by having the conversion rate applied as that is the way of the world.

Still, back to the micro issue. Micro is micro and 25 dollars is not micro. That's the sensibility I can agree with the Common Sense Gamer on.

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